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Mini Mid-Autumn Festival Plate Magnet

Mini Mid-Autumn Festival Plate Magnet

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Product Dimensions:

  • Mini Plate (no magnet): 3.3cm (L) x 3.3cm(W) x 0.5cm (H)

The measurements are taken manually, so please allow for a margin of error of 1mm- 2mm. Actual dimensions may slightly vary depending on the physical objective.

Product Details: 

    • 4 pieces mini Mid-Autumn Festival cakes on one plate. Please choose one crisp option for each plate. One plate only have 4 pieces including: persimmon, peanuts, mooncake and one of your chosen crisp. 
    • Material: Resin clay / UV Gel / Resin
    • This product is 100%  handmade, so each piece may have slight differences and may be slightly imperfect or different from the product photos.
    • The main material used for the handmade part is resin clay, which is not waterproof. 
    • Please avoid direct sunlight exposure  
    • The accessories contain small components, so please keep them away from children.
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