About Us

Welcome to Teemoo Mininature Studio. Founded by two passionate girls, Summer and Mochi dedicate to bringing the joy of miniature food and nature to your life! Our studio name is inspired by our love for both miniatures and nature, and the letter "n" represents the connection between these two passions.

At Teemoo Mininature, we want to share unique, high-quality miniature food products that capture the beauty and wonder of nature in a small and delicious form. From tiny cakes and pastries to savory meals and snacks, we offer a wide range of miniature food products that are sure to inspire your imagination and delight your taste buds.

Thank you for choosing Teemoo Mininature. We hope that our miniature food creations bring a touch of creativity and joy to your life, while also celebrating the beauty of nature. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.